Here’s how it works:

From the safety and comfort of your home or office, we not only produce and direct your Zoom recorded message, we transform your video by:

  • adding premium royalty free music
  • primetime stylized motion graphics and
  • our enhanced editing to create a powerful, standout message from you.

We are experts at understanding how to position and frame your branded message in a way that optimizes your success.

See Before & After Example:

Here’s how it works:

  1. First, we set up a strategic message review session and get clarity on your objective(s), timeline and make recommendations on your computer set up, e.g. background, lighting, audio
  2. You provide the script(s) or bullet points for your message and send to us for review (Each script may be up to 275 words, equals about 2:00 Minutes )
  3. We review your script(s) and if needed, provide suggestions/copy edits to make your script(s) better4) We schedule a practice run-through with you delivering your message along with any coaching and final tweaks to your set up
  4. Schedule your record day! We direct, produce and record your Zoom message.
  5. The Celebrity Science team edits your video(s), incorporating your branded colors, logo, fonts etc. (one-edit revision included, if needed)